Walter Gray and Co specialise in all aspects of Residential Conveyancing and Property matters including:-

  • Buying and Selling property
  • Remortgaging property
  • Transfers of Equity
  • Equity Release Mortgages
  • Shared Ownership Properties
  • Leases and Tenancy Agreements
  • Gifts of Property (including Declarations of Trust)

We offer a prompt, practical and approachable service and pride ourselves on providing a personal service from the start to the completion of a matter.

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Conveyancing Isle of Wight


Law firms are currently now required to provide the following information on the basis of the costs involved in a typical residential conveyancing transaction. Notwithstanding this, it is strongly recommended that you telephone to speak to a member of the firm’s Residential Conveyancing team to obtain a more detailed quote based upon your individual circumstances

The conveyance of residential real property or real estate which comprise:

(i) freehold or leasehold sales or purchases; or

(ii) mortgages or re-mortgages; or

(iii) equity release mortgages

As a basic indicator, using a sale or purchase price of upto £250,000

  • We charge £670.00 + VAT on average for a freehold sale
  • We charge £670.00 + VAT on average for a freehold purchase
  • We charge £670.00 + VAT, minimum, for a leasehold sale
  • We charge £670.00 + VAT, minimum, for a leasehold purchase
  • We charge £300.00 + VAT for a remortgage
  • We charge £400.00 + VAT for an equity release mortgage

There will be other costs on top. These are fees and charges we will need to pay on your behalf as part of the process, such as notices and deeds charges, search fees, land registry fees, freeholder information packs, bank charges and Stamp Duty Land Tax. These can amount to more than £250.00 in total, plus VAT where relevant, but potentially rising significantly should Stamp Duty Land Tax be applicable on the underlying transaction. In your telephone conversation with the member of the firm’s Residential Conveyancing team this particular aspect can be explained in greater detail.

You may also be responsible for paying the legal costs incurred by us on behalf of your lender too. These are likely to be £200.00 plus VAT, if applicable.

Overall total cost, potentially, given the above set of circumstances could amount to £1,104.00 plus Stamp Duty Land Tax, where applicable.

These fees assume that the transaction is ‘standard’ and has no unforeseen issues that may lengthen the process or increase costs. Please also note that, in general, sale transactions incur significantly lower disbursement costs in comparison to a purchase transaction.

The actual cost to you will depend on a number of factors which we will discuss with you when you telephone for a detailed quotation and, further, should you decide to instruct us.

Our price may look high compared to some other providers, but we would ask you to consider the work involved, the implications of you or us missing something, the deadlines involved, the availability of our professional insurance cover and a number of other factors in the complex conveyancing process, before comparing us on price alone.

Our people involved in doing the work will include:

Trine Kvinnesland, Director / Solicitor, based at the firm’s Cowes Office

Cathy Powe, Solicitor, based at the firm’s Ryde Office

Teresa Redstone, Senior Legal Assistant, based at the firm’s Ryde Office

Tracey Downton, Legal Secretary, based at the firm’s Ryde Office

Debbie Rann, Legal Secretary, based at the firm’s Cowes Office

We understand the stress involved in moving home. The work we will carry out may involve the following, which matters we will endeavour to achieve within the stated timescales:

  • Checking that your financial arrangements are in place
  • Obtaining Land Registry entries and drafting a contract for sale (approximately 1 week following receipt of formal instructions)
  • Obtaining incidental information re fixtures and fittings and other inclusions and exclusions (approximately 1 -2 weeks)
  • Receiving contracts and other property information (approximately 1 week)
  • Undertaking searches and enquiries on the property (immediately)
  • Raising requisitions on title and other issues (approximately 2-3 weeks)
  • Preparing for exchange and completion (approximately 1 week)
  • Dealing with the payment of SDLT (approximately 1 week post completion)
  • Dealing with Land Registry applications (approximately 1 week post completion)
  • Liaison with your lenders throughout, when appropriate
  • Overall control of the transaction throughout, including liaison with estate agents, etc

Obviously, our fees do not include any external costs and charges that we may incur as part of the process (eg. estate agents commission, removal costs, environmental remediation costs etc). You will also be responsible for these items.

Complaints information

If you wish to complain about our service, please contact us immediately by telephone and speak to the Practice Manager or by emailing

We have a complaints handling procedure, which you can read here.

You can always send your complaints to the Legal Ombudsman. They can be contacted at Please read the conditions carefully.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of these processes, you can take up the matter with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. They can be contacted at


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